Our Cooperative


APRIL 1969

Organization of  the Provincial  Electric Cooperative Team  (PECT). 


MAY 1972

Approval of the feasibility studies by the NEA Board of Administrators covering the eight towns: Agoncillo, Balayan, Calaca, Calatagan, Lemery, Lian,  San Nicolas and Tuy.  Organization of District Electrification Committee in each of these towns.


JUNE 14, 1972

Incorporation and registration  of BATELEC I with NEA.


JULY 18, 1972

Signing of the First Loan  Agreement with NEA in the amount of P16,634,000.00.


MAY 03, 1973

Signing of A & E Contract with Trans-Asia (Phils.) Inc.


JULY 1974

Acquisition of site for the Headquarters.


OCTOBER 08, 1974

Signing of Contract with Batangas Construction and General  supply  for  the  Construction  of  the Headquarters Facilities;  Signing  of Contract with Audion Electric Company, Inc. for the  Construction of the Sub-Station and Distribution  System- Phase I.


OCTOBER 14, 1974

Cornerstone-laying for  the Headquarters Facilities;   First Pole Erection in Calaca.


DECEMBER 14, 1974

First Town Energization - Calaca.


MAY 01, 1975

Actual take-over of the Lemery Electric Plant Company.


MAY 18, 1975

Occupancy of the newly-constructed Headquarters Facilities.



Energization of the first co-op-constructed lateral Distribution Project - Camastilisan, Calaca.



Energization  of the  Co-op-owned  Sub-Station  in Balayan.


NOVEMBER 02, 1975

Signing of contract with T & D Engineering and Marketing for the Construction of the Distribution System - Phase II.


NOVEMBER 21, 1975

Start of construction of the Distribution System Phase II.


FEBRUARY 01, 1976

Actual take-over of the San Luis Electric System.


FEBRUARY 14, 1976

Energization of the  First Town covered by  Phase II (Lian).


MARCH 29, 1976

Energization  of the  First Town  in  the  Expansion Area-Nasugbu.


DECEMBER 01, 1976

Signing of the Second Loan Agreement with NEA in the amount of P9,116,000.00


JUNE 27 - JULY 01, 1977

Election of Members of the First Regular Board of Directors (BOD).


AUGUST 27, 1977

First Annual Membership  Meeting;   Ratification of Amendments  to the  Articles  of  

Incorporation and By-Laws at the Co-op Headquarters.


MAY 1978

Opening of the Lian Sub-Office.


MARCH 11, 1981

Opening of the Lemery Sub-Office.


AUGUST 06, 1981

Awarded for having the Lowest System Rate throughout Luzon during the First Categorization of RECs.


AUGUST 12, 1981

Signing of the Third Loan Agreement with NEAin the amount of  P5,000,000.00.


AUGUST 12, 1983

Placed Number 10- Category B during the Second Categorization of Electric Cooperatives.


MAY 05, 1984

Take-over  of the operation of Taal Electric System.


AUGUST 06, 1984

Placed No. 2, Category A during the Third Categorization  of Electric Cooperatives.


NOVEMBER 15, 1984

Signing of the Fourth Loan Agreement with NEA in the amount of P5,000,000.00.


AUGUST 09, 1985

Awarded  for  having  the Most Number  of House Connections  in 1984  during  the Fourth Categorization of Rural Electric Cooperatives.


AUGUST 16, 1985

Organization of the First Barangay Power Association in Patugo, Balayan.



Opening of the Balayan Collection Office.


DECEMBER 01, 1985

Opening of the Nasugbu Collection Office.


AUGUST 26, 1986

First Hog Dispersal Project  under the  FTFA of NEA and Provincial Assisted Projects.


MARCH 06, 1988

Signing of the fifth Loan Agreement with NEA in the amount of  P5,000,000.00.


JANUARY 27, 1989

Signing  of  the  Relending  Loan  with  NEA  in  the amount of P10.5 million  at the Coop Headquarters.


AUGUST 07, 1990

Awarded for being the Most  Improved  Relending Electric Cooperative for the year 1989 and with the Most Outstanding Acting  General Manager during  Rural Electric Cooperatives Categorization.


MARCH 06, 1991

Commissioning of additional 10-MVA Sub-station Transformer at Balayan Sub-Station.


MAY 02, 1991

First Reorganization of co-op employees;  Conversion  of Balayan Collection Office into Sub-Office; Merging of Lian Sub-Office and Nasugbu Collection Office into one Sub-Office in Nasugbu.


AUGUST 06, 1991

Awarded for being Best in Low System Loss for the year 1990 and with Outstanding Acting General Manager  during  the Rural Electric Cooperatives’ Categorization.


JUNE 16, 1992

Opening of the Calatagan Collection Center.


JANUARY 23, 1993

Ground Breaking Ceremony in Matipok, Calaca, signifying the start of total electrification thrust 

of Calaca in accordance  with  the  Memorandum  of  Agreement between NEA and NPC.


JULY 03, 1993

Assumption  into office  & Oath-taking ceremony  of the new set of members of the reconstituted Board of Directors of BATELEC I.


JULY 1993

In the 1992 REC over-all categorization and ranking of electric cooperatives issued by the NationalElectrification Administration  (NEA),  BATELEC I was adjudged No. 2  Category A- Extra Large Electric Cooperative in the archipelago, and No.1 in mainland Region IV. 


OCTOBER 29, 1994

The national launching of the Wood Pole Production Program, a  NEA- initiated project,  was held at the BATELEC I  Headquarters. While on December 01, 1994, Memorandum of Agreement with the Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources, relative to the co-op’s Wood Pole Production Program was signed. 


MARCH 29, 1996

Commissioning  of  the  Co-op installed 5MVA  sub-station  transformer in Mataas  na Bayan, Lemery, Batangas.


DECEMBER 29,1996

Commissioning of the 10MVA Pre-Fabricated Modular sub-station transformer in Nasugbu, Batangas.


JUNE 14, 1997

BATELEC I’s  Silver Anniversary  wherein  a Grand Raffle Draw and Medical & Dental Outreach Program were held for its member-consumers.


NOVEMBER 29, 1997

Commissioning of the coop’s 10MVA mobile sub-station and inauguration of the NEA Regional Staging Warehouse;  Administrator Sanchez led the inauguration ceremonies. 


AUGUST 14, 1998

Blessing and Commissioning of the BATELEC I 10 MVA substation intended for the municipality of Calaca with the Honorable Secretary of the Department of Energy (DOE) Mario V. Tiaoqui, as guest of honor.


DECEMBER 15, 1998

NEA  Administrator Conrado M. Estrella III led the First Pole Erection held in Looc, Nasugbu signalling the start of  construction of the four remaining unenergized barangays of Nasugbu.


JUNE 15, 1999

Energization of the BATELEC I’s  10 MVA substation intended for the municipality of Calatagan.


AUGUST 02, 1999

Awarded for being a Top Performing Electric Cooperative (Category A+) on the occasion of the NEA’s 30th Anniversary.


DECEMBER 29, 1999

Ceremonial Power-Switch-on of the remaining unenergized barangays of Nasugbu marking the 100% total electrification of the 363 barangays in the co-op’s coverage area. 


AUGUST 02, 2000

Bagged three awards namely: Top Performing EC, Best in Low System Loss and a Special Citation during the EC Awards Ceremonies on the occasion of NEA’s 31st Anniversary.


AUGUST 06, 2002

Bagged another Top Performing EC award for the cooperative & Leadership Award for the GM.


JANUARY 16, 2003

Inauguration and blessing ceremonies of the new Lemery Sub-Office.


JULY 2003

Implementation of rate reduction of P0.1530/kwh due to loan condonation in compliance to Section 60 of Republic Act 9136 or EPIRA and Executive Order No. 119, Restructuring Program for ECs and in compliance to ERC’s provisional authority. 


AUGUST 06, 2003

Awarded for being a Model Electric Cooperative Headquarter on the occasion of NEA’s 34th anniversary. 



Has started the installation of protection equipment for Balayan and Butong sub-stations inaccordance with Chapter 2, Section 58 of Republic Act 9136 and in compliance with the terms and conditions of Philippine Grid Code and PhilippineDistribution Code.


AUGUST 05, 2004

Received the Highest Amortization Payment Award on the occasion of NEA’s 35th anniversary. 


JANUARY 22, 2004

Inauguration and blessing ceremonies of the new Nasugbu Sub-Office.


OCTOBER 01, 2004

Inauguration and blessing ceremonies of the new Balayan Sub-Office.


JANUARY 31, 2005

Inauguration and blessing ceremonies of the coop’s multi-purpose covered court.


MAY 2005

Received two major awards namely:  Best in Developmental and Institutional Program Award in Luzon and the Model Headquarters Facilities Award during the Awards and Recognition of Outstanding and Excellent Performers of 2004.  Likewise, the coop received a Special Citation for ECs attaining 100% barangay energization in 2004 and another Special Citation for Model Sub-Office Facilities (Balayan Sub-Office).


APRIL 11, 2006

Energization of BATELEC I’s 10 MVA Substation in Palanas, Lemery.


MAY 2006

Received a Special Award for Category A+ ECs from the National Electrification Administration (NEA) during the 2006 National EC Conference on Power Distribution Management & Reforms and Recognition held at Cagayan de Oro City.


JULY 10, 2006

Blessing and Inauguration of the new Calatagan Collection Center located at Brgy. Gulod, Calatagan, Batangas.


APRIL 2007

One of the three (3) ECs in the country that was bestowed EC of the Year Award (Mega-Large) for remarkable performance it has manifested in 2006 during the 2007 National EC Conference and Recognition held at Legenda Hotel, Subic Bay Freeport Zone in Zambales.  Likewise, it received the Administrator’s Award and a Certificate of Recognition for having sent the most number of Task Force Kapatid Delegation to areas affected by typhoons Winnie, Caloy, Milenyo and Reming.



Blessing and Inauguration of the Coop’s Chapel located at the Main Headquarters in Calaca, Batangas.


APRIL 25, 2008

Received a Special Award for Category A+ EC for its outstanding operational performance and an award for an EC with sustained financial performance during the 2008 NEA-EC National Conference  and Recognition at Parklane International Hotel in Cebu City.


APRIL 24, 2009

Received three (3) Special Awards namely:   Special Award for Category A+ EC , Special Citation for an EC with Best Financial Performance for the year 2008 and a Special Award of EC Showcase of Excellence through Lakbay Aral.  Likewise, the coop was awarded a Certificate of Recognition for participating in Task Forces Typhoons “Cosme and Frank”.



Has acquired 13 new vehicles for the coops maintenance undertakings.


APRIL 09, 2010

Received a Special Award for Category A+ EC and a Special Citation for an EC with Best Financial Performance for the year 2009.


FEBRUARY 16, 2011

Opening of payment outlet in Public Market, Tuy. 


APRIL 2011

Received a Special Award for Category A+ EC  for performance year 2010.


April 11, 2011

Opening of payment outlet in Public Market, Taal.


OCTOBER 25, 2011

Opening of payment outlet in Public Market, Poblacion, Agoncillo.


FEBRUARY  9, 2012

Opening of payment outlet in Poblacion, San Luis.


SEPTEMBER 11, 2012

Opening of payment outlet in Brgy. 2, Lian.


MAY 2013

Opening of payment outlet in Sto. Domingo St., Poblacion (May 20) and Lucsuhin (May 23), Calatagan.


JUNE 15, 2013

Opening of payment outlet in Fe St., Poblacion, Balayan.


OCTOBER 8, 2013

Opening of payment outlet in Binubusan, Lian.


DECEMBER 15, 2013

Received a Certificate of Appreciation: Task Force AKELCO


FEBRUARY 10, 2014

Received a Certificate of Appreciation: ORMECO, Inc. Referendum


MARCH 28, 2014

Received a Certificate of Appreciation: Task Force Kapatid Balik Kuryente Super Typhoon “Yolanda”.


AUGUST 6, 2014

Received a Plaque of Recognition: Task Force Kapatid (TFK) and Special Recognition for being the 1st electric cooperative whose members of the Board of Directors for the period 2011 to 2013 have completed the course on Credential Cooperative Director.


December 2, 2015

Received  the Triple A EC award and a Citation for having successfully participated in the country’s Sitio Electrification Program 2011-2015 during the NEA-EC Milestones and Recognition held at the PICC in Pasay City.


January 15, 2018

Energization of Balayan 20MVA power transformer in Balayan Substation.


May 10, 2018

Opening of payment outlet in San Luis


July 03, 2018

BATELEC I achieved Category Triple A status and Mega Large Classification


April 19, 2018

The coop launched its Eskwelight Program at Dr. Crisogono Ermita National High School as its first beneficiary


September 25, 2018

Energization of Calaca 20MVA power transformer


October 25, 2018

BATELEC I received a plaque of recognition for its participation in the Task Force Kapatid in Cagayan I Electric Cooperative, Inc. (CAGELCO I)

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