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        In 1969, the Provincial Electrification Cooperative Team (PECT) under the chairmanship of the then Governor, the late Antonio C. Carpio, initiated and laid the groundworks for the establishment of the first electric cooperative in the province of Batangas.  June 14, 1972 marked the inception of the BATANGAS I ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. (BATELEC I) by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 269 with incorporators hailing from the different municipalities that initially comprised the co-op’s franchise area, namely: the late Jesus Inumerable of Calaca;  Joaquin Buenaventura of Calatagan;  the late Honorio C. Bello of Lemery;  Ramon R. Martinez of Balayan;  Dr. Francisco Calingasan of Tuy;  Conrado C. Calapatia of Agoncillo;  Atty. Sixto Rivera of Lian and Apolinario Malaluan of San Nicolas.


         Engr. Bayani Marasigan (1972-1974) served as the first General Manager of BATELEC I.  Following Engr. Marasigan were Luis Q. Cerafon (1974-1975), Francisco S. Abelardo (1975-1982), Jose B. Orense (1982-1988) and NEA-appointed Project Supervisor/Acting General Manager Moreno P. Vista (1988-August 1993), who was recalled to NEA a month after the assumption of the coop’s new set of Board of Directors (BOD). 


        Former Institutional Services Department Manager, Mr. Policarpio A. Segunial, who served as the coop’s General Manager from September 1993 to April 30, 1999, succeeded Mr. Vista.  Engr. Leovino I. Perez, former Technical Services Department Manager  followed and served as GM from May 1, 1999 to January 31, 2005.  He was succeeded by Engr. Ricardo C. Castillo, Jr. who served as Officer-In-Charge from February 1 to May 31, 2005. Then, former Finance Services Department Manager Mr. Demetrio V. Ellao served as GM from June 2005 to February 14, 2009.  From February 15, 2009 to November 2011, the coop was again headed by Engr. Ricardo C. Castillo, Jr.   Thereafter, department managers of the coop like Mrs. Celestina A. Famoso and Engr. Nilo G. Baylosis were appointed to manage BATELEC I for a short span of time. On April 27, 2012, BATELEC I is again under the stewardship of Engr. Ricardo Castillo, Jr. until his availment of the Early Retirement Program in December 2012.  Engr. Paulino T. Lopez of NEA acted as PS/AGM from January to November 2013. Mr. Orlando M. Andres was appointed Project Supervisor by the NEA  from December 2013 to December 2015.  At present BATELEC I’s General Manager is Engr. Alvin O. Velasco.


        A non-stock, non-profit utility, BATELEC I serves the mission of providing efficient, reliable, affordable and adequate supply of electricity to its member-consumers on an area coverage basis for which lies the predominant task of harnessing the economic potential of the countryside as a nucleus of growth and development.


       BATELEC I’s main office is located in the municipality of Calaca, province of Batangas, along the national highway with its buildings and facilities situated in a 4.1235-hectare land.  It has three area-offices located in Lemery, Balayan, Nasugbu and a satellite office in Calatagan. As of December 31, 2017, it has 394 regular employees.  Member-consumers’ representation in the cooperative is through the Board of Directors, whose members are being elected in each municipality and plays the role of the policy-making body.


         As a service institution, the cooperative embodies the will to serve in the delivery of reliable power supply under a people and service-oriented performance.  In doing so, it utilizes a well-defined, organized and humble network of individuals armed with the expertise of providing dependable and excellent services.


       The cooperative’s coverage area has a total land area of 93,742 hectares composed of 364 barangays of the twelve municipalities such as: Agoncillo - 21; Balayan - 48; Calaca -  40; Calatagan - 25; Lemery - 46; Lian - 19; Nasugbu - 42; San Luis - 26; San Nicolas - 16; Sta. Teresita - 17; Taal - 42 and Tuy - 22.  


         Based on the 2015 census, these 12 municipalities that have a total population of 723, 965 are situated on a plain, flat land with some elevated terrain, hills, and mountain ranges.  Its climate falls under the first type distinguished by the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomic Services Administration (PAG-ASA).  Dry season is from December to May, and wet season is from June to November. Its atmospheric temperature varies from hot to normal and drops a little in the coming of the Yuletide season.  Mostly, the soil is volcanic in origin, which ranges from sandy loam in the eastern municipalities, and clay to clay loam on the western portion.


      Western Batangueños in the coverage area primarily engage in farming, fishing/aquaculture, and manufacturing.  Among its major crops are sugarcane, palay, corn, coconut, banana, fruit trees, rootcrops and vegetables.  Commercial trading of essential commodities is generally done in and around the market of each municipality.  Manufacturing operations are mostly centered on bakeries, garments, embroidery, cutlery, woodcraft, panocha making, achara making, bagoong & tinapa making and other small capital based activities.


       With the advent of electricity, the quality of life of western Batangueños improved very rapidly and tangibly.  Sugar central, sugar refinery, ice plants, wine distilleries, prawn farms and hatcheries, beach resorts, welding shops, appliance stores, banks, garment factories and many other business entrepreneur opened doors for employment and created livelihood opportunities.


        The cooperative’s coverage area has many tourist spots known locally and internationally being blessed with beautiful beaches, themeparks, and archaeological legacy. Most famous are the Fantasy World in Lemery; Matabungkay Beach in Lian; Lago De Oro and Golden Sunset Resort in Calatagan; Munting Buhangin Beach Camp in Nasugbu; and the historic Taal Basilica which is known to be the biggest church in the Orient, the Fil-Hispanic houses that enables one to have a glimpse of the Spanish era and the Taal Volcano lying in the midst of the Taal Lake area which is considered as the smallest and unpredictable volcano in the world.


       Propelling the wheels of commerce and industry in BATELEC I service areas are the eight (8) substations in Butong, Taal (10MVA & 5MVA); Mataas na Bayan, Lemery (10MVA); Gulod, Calatagan (10MVA); Ermita, Balayan (10MVA & 5MVA); Camp Avejar, Nasugbu (2 x 10MVA); Palanas, Lemery (10MVA); Natipuan (10 MVA); and Calaca 10MVA mobile substation transformer.  These power substations of the cooperative have a capacity of 90MVA. 


       For 46 years in operation, BATELEC I can be considered as one among NEA’s successful electric coops because for several times, it had been bestowed the Category A+ Extra Large and Mega Large statures. At present, BATELEC I is one of the few Category Triple A coops with a total score of 100%.  Further, BATELEC I achieved its avowed mission of 100% energization target in terms of barangay electrification where it has extended electric power to the total 364 barangays in the twelve (12) municipalities.  Moreover, the co-op has energized a total of 174,733 consumer connection and 1,889.51 kms. of lines excluding underbuilt lines with 144,617 approved membership as of December 31, 2017. Today, BATELEC I carries on its task and expertise in providing dependable and excellent service to its clientele.


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