Electric Cooperative


Electricity 101




This is for the cost of power generated and sold to the electric company by generation companies. This amount depends on the source of the power generated (ie hydropower, coal, geothermal, etc.).

This is a pass through cost Conventional (Coal, Diesel, Natural Gas) and Renewable (Hydro, Solar, Biomass, Geothermal, Wind).



This is for the delivery of electricity from generation companies to the electric companies. This is a pass through cost. The present operator of the transmission infrastructure is the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP).

     Types of Transmission

          1. On Grid

          2. Off Grid



This cost goes to the electric company and covers the cost of Building, operating and maintaining the distribution of power to the Customer and converting it from high voltage to low voltage.


History of Electric Cooperative



The very first electric company to provide electricity in Manila, called the “La Electricista,” was founded in 1892. La Electricista built the oldest electric generating plant in the country, the Central Power Plant, on Calle San Sebastian (now R. Hidalgo) in Manila City.

What is an Electric Cooperative?



ECs are entities owned by the end-users within the vicinity covered by the said entity.

These ECs are controlled by Board of Directors, who were elected by the end-users.

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